Book Review: Sprint - How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days

Let me start by saying that the principles in this book can be applied to pretty much any problem you’re looking to solve. The bigger the problem the better.

This book is not just for people looking to solve issues within a website or app. This book is also not just for experts in running workshops.

This books takes you from A-Z with examples along the way. Beginners will learn lots but experts will also be reminded of what is the best foot forward.

This book goes to great lengths to show you how the same principles, can help you solve the vast array of problems or questions your business may have. No matter the size of your business, small or large.

From solving the issue of getting more patients enrolled in hospital trials, to figuring out how to get the in-store feel of a coffee shop, online. This book can help.

Written by the very experienced from . Jake has ran over 100 workshops in companies such as Slack, Medium and Uber to name a few. This book is a practical guide to answering critical business questions and problems. Much like the book , this book encourages collaboration and tackling questions as a team and not in silo’s.

For me, both this book and served as eureka moments. A lot of what this books talks you through I already knew. It helped me plan out my next workshop or sprint with confidence knowing I was tackling clients issues the right way.

You can get hold of this book at most good retailers but if you’d prefer to order it online, .

Score 10 out of 10

This book is top notch, answers pretty every question you could ever have about running a workshop and has a very handy checklist at the back.



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