99u Conference 2017— Inspiration & Knowledge Sharing From Industry Leaders

Some of the world’s top creative thinkers and doers. Offering pragmatic, real-world insights that transcend creative sectors.

Lincoln Centre — Alice Tulley Hall
  • Defining the Creative Career
  • Navigating the Unknown
  • How to Fix Design
  • Invention & Reinvention

Some of the main stage talks:

Liz Jackson

Founder & Chief Advocacy Officer, Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective

Bryan Lamkin

EVP and General Manager, Digital Media, Adobe

Scott Belsky — Timeline “The reality of making“

Julia Kaganskiy

Director, New Inc

  • Start with why
  • Find your tribe
  • Make a plan
  • But be ready to learn and adapt
  • Focus on process vs result
  • Approach challenges with honesty, compassion and curiosity

Irene Au

Design Partner, Khosla Ventures

  • Choose clients intentionally
  • Present multiple alternatives. Test the edges of what we want. Getting buy-in early.
  • Prototype low- to high-fidelity
  • See the opportunity. Focus on the upside.
  • Get the details right
  • Be the arbiter of taste
  • Approach the work mindfully

Natasha Jen

Pentagram, Partner

Buzzword bullshit

“Design thinking is bullshit” — Natasha Jen

Ian Spalter

Head of Design, Instagram

Steve Selzer

Experience Design Manager, Airbnb

Steve Selzer — Design for friction

Debbie Millman

Host, Design Matters & Masters in Branding Chair, SVA

“If it was easy, it would be easy” — Debbie Millman

99u Workshops — ustwo and Dropbox

You can read about my afternoons with these great teams below.

My afternoon with Dropbox and ustwo



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